Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

[Woman] Closup instead of the usual Pedangdut

Jakarta-pedangdut, wants his career as Closup is beneficial to many people. He also said, as pedangdut would not only be entertainers.

However, he wanted to entertain our brothers and sisters who as the hero of foreign exchange – especially working in Taiwan are struggling. For the Fitr, when he asked for it, he was ready to live.

Also, regarding the fee that is received. He claims to be, not too early to questions in connection with the payment. For comforting Fitri, beneficial and can only, it was enough for him.

"There is never an offer from TKI-when ya can come, friends. I'm telling you, that I'm willing if asked. Anyways they are still brothers. Already so its employees are perceived as many people who come from other countries. That's right, the place of compatriot and friend me. So, if the problem did not have paid also well thought-out, "said Fitri in studio TPI Jakarta.

Fitri confessed, he felt moved when he heard the news-the heroes of the foreign exchange is always set aside, is a part of the interest paid to the Foundation for orphans.

The TKI also has its own association. According to Andrea, they already have the vehicle of the program about 3 years ago.

"Of course, I greet them until the Foundation for orphans can make and there is already a proof in Banyuwangi. So, I don't want to create entertaining everywhere as higher bid nolak brothers and sisters I worked outside the country, "said Fitri.

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