Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

[Woman] Breast "Peek" on the Catwalk, supermodel beautiful fined

Ho Chi Minh City-a beautiful model of Viet Nam Vo Hoang Yen ketiban unlucky. Because of the clothing he djoudi on a fashion show to open and make her tits clearly visible from the side, a beautiful model that decay 3.5 million Dong (currency of Viet Nam).

Vo Hoang is not alone. The organizer of the Fashion Show also get a fine. Vo Hoang itself, because the incident happened last december that he had to investigations conducted by the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism of Ho Chi Minh City.

Vo himself said that if he is forced to wear these dresses by Organizer. "When you are asked to wear the dress, I feel wrong and nervous. I also think that the dress was too open. I originally didn't want to wear it, but I don't want that the Organizer is difficult, so I wear. I'm sorry for what happened, "said Vo as reported by Asian Diva, Tuesday, (01/31/2013).

Vo is not the first celebrity in Viet Nam are set against the law of decency in Ho Chi Minh City. Last may, the pop star Wed Minhwas decay due to concert outfit also is to open.

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