Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

[News] Barcelona finally departed for Jordan

Medan-Indonesia national team finally went to Jordan to undergo a trial game on January 31, 2013. Whereas the day before Manibor had the game as team leader Meshach annulled.

Manibor Meshach-head coach in Medan on Tuesday (29/1), said that it was finally willing to meet international sending a request to transfer to Jordan after a meeting with the team trainer.

"The departure of the team finally returned to the starting position, we had to leave this afternoon heading for Jordan, that initially we had to cancel," he said.

However, on the basis of new information should be left as it is an important step that must be resolved. That is to say, it's not just a matter of persepakbolaan, a good relationship with Jordan is also a consideration.

Departure from the schedule of Medan to Jakarta Meshach Manibor, who presented Tuesday afternoon traveled. Of the capital, the team traveled to Kuala Lumpur and immediately flew to Amman, Jordan.

With the departure of today have an automatic-only time at least one day before the contest game tryout. Meshach believe motivation high will continue to face the national team game.

"Calculated on the basis of technical persepakbolaan, indeed very budget. We communicate in first instance as you can just to face Iraq in Dubai. The relationship with Jordan, however, must also be maintained. As a kid nation we also want the best result for Indonesia, "he said.

Coach of the national team Maizar Nile claimed that he doesn't think the departure of the national team who are on a budget that, because if a coach just thinking of how to restore the State of the players with a short period of time.

"After the departure of the player recovery, normally a window of a minimum of 72 hours. Coach Team spoke the preparation team, so the team went denggan preparations are not to such condition. However, hopefully the results can be optimally, "he said.

On the other hand, a trial match against Jordan be assessed the same character played by Iraq, would be a positive capital for the team "Garuda".

However, with a less good physical pascapenerbangan which takes a dozen hours, Maizar Nile claimed that it has not much of which will be held.

"We need to go through a phase before moving on to the next stage. Hopefully the result is maximum. But to be sure, deal with Iraq on 6 February, later the team had quite a lot of time for preparation, "he said. (ant)

[Lifestyle] Galaxy 2, waterproof mobile phone Samsung Xcover?

The emergence of the Xperia series Z of Sony, which is equipped with waterproof function get a serious response from the ruler origin of the smartphone market in South Korea, Samsung. Don't want to miss, Samsung also reportedly will launch a powerful smartphone that is water resistant.

Still is included in the family Galaxy, displayed smartphones that according to rumors Xcover Galaxy 2 with the label part of a series about a Xcover makes in 2011. A Xcover series was previously released Samsung Xcover (C3350-series), and a Xcover Galaxy android smartphone (C5690).

Galaxy 2, as will a Xcover reports from Sea news, Tuesday, (29/01/2013) be released at the Mobile World Congress Conference in Barcelona, 2013, next month. Xcover Galaxy 2 will wear Jelly Bean Android OS, with a 4-inch display 480 x 800 pixels. Xcover 2 also features 4 GB of memory and two cameras.

Publisher: YL antamaputra.

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[Woman] Closup instead of the usual Pedangdut

Jakarta-pedangdut, wants his career as Closup is beneficial to many people. He also said, as pedangdut would not only be entertainers.

However, he wanted to entertain our brothers and sisters who as the hero of foreign exchange – especially working in Taiwan are struggling. For the Fitr, when he asked for it, he was ready to live.

Also, regarding the fee that is received. He claims to be, not too early to questions in connection with the payment. For comforting Fitri, beneficial and can only, it was enough for him.

"There is never an offer from TKI-when ya can come, friends. I'm telling you, that I'm willing if asked. Anyways they are still brothers. Already so its employees are perceived as many people who come from other countries. That's right, the place of compatriot and friend me. So, if the problem did not have paid also well thought-out, "said Fitri in studio TPI Jakarta.

Fitri confessed, he felt moved when he heard the news-the heroes of the foreign exchange is always set aside, is a part of the interest paid to the Foundation for orphans.

The TKI also has its own association. According to Andrea, they already have the vehicle of the program about 3 years ago.

"Of course, I greet them until the Foundation for orphans can make and there is already a proof in Banyuwangi. So, I don't want to create entertaining everywhere as higher bid nolak brothers and sisters I worked outside the country, "said Fitri.

[News] Build A Tower must have insurance to citizens

Surabaya-Surabaya parliamentary elections in new Godard?, still powerful discusses the Raperda on the organisation of the telecommunications tower. Many items that were discussed, ranging from licensing and other requirements. Even new Godard? also started with memersoalkan dampat problem and what responses.

New Godard? Finally, even if in location or area of the completion of the Tower must have insurance for the surrounding community. This insurance should be made of the owner of the tower.

"So not only licensing is completed. If you want to organize the creation of the Tower, but no insurance for residents of the surrounding areas, could have permission it is not smooth. This is a mandatory clause of article met the owner of the Tower, "says a member of the new Godard? Raperda Tower, Mazlan Mansyur.

Still according to Mazlan was a loss of diakibatnya Tower not only material, but non-material. If the effect of radiasinya or tower collapsed. For more information, new Godard? will invite the experts and others to formulate the problem in detail and where.

In essence, the citizens have the right to coverage under an insurance policy is a citizen residing within a radius of 125 percent of the height of the tower.

[Woman] The Charming green fried rice

If the fried rice usually red or Brown, you can now try the Green fried rice. There is no addition of colouring substances in foodstuffs, because the color green of the vegetables and herbs. Well, here is the recipe of the chef page:


-2 white rice plate

-2 tablespoons vegetable oil for sauteing

-1 egg, shake off

-2 pieces chicken Meatball or sausage (cut according to taste)


-10 pieces green peppers

-5 pieces of cayenne pepper (sliced)

-2 cloves of garlic (chopped finely)

-3 grains of red onion (finely chopped)

-1 grains copra

Salt and pepper to taste

* blend all ingredients for the marinade.

How to make:

Heat a wok, stir-fry until fragrant spices finely. Insert the Whisk egg yolks, mix well, and then the meatballs/sausage input. If looks cooked already, stir in rice and fried continue until dry and seasonings mixed with rice. Remove and serve with crackers and fried egg.

* Note: If you don't like spicy, need to use of cayenne pepper. The green chili is not too spicy.

[Woman] A charming smile

Sweet smile is often heavily influenced by the color of the teeth. The habit of drinking coffee, tea and carbonated drinks can cause teeth to yellow. To overcome this, there are natural ways that can be done, so that the yellow teeth back brilliant:

How to do this:

-Take a grain of areca nut, roasted seeds to charcoal.

-Areca Nut Puree smooth charcoal until soft. Brush your teeth with charcoal on Betel Nut use a cloth checkout.

-Do every day to look of the result (usually looks after day three).

-Do it twice in a week. Preferably before you teeth.

Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

[News] Take arsenal to AISC character Indonesia

Jakarta-Indonesia Arsenal Supporter Club (AISC), recognition of his side against the certainty that their beloved team visiting the homeland paid in July 2013.

"Yes we are indeed not involved in lobbying, but we were never formally a representative who went to London to meet the Club and to convince them to come to Indonesia," said the President of AISC, Rawindraditya as found in Jakarta, Thursday (29/1).

Other than in the form of informal incentive during a visit to London, attention-seeking Rawindraditya mention the AISC Club when Arsenal visit to Kuala Lumpur in 2011 and 2012.

"Arsenal came to Kuala Lumpur (2011) we first Change of AISC, including banners in the stadium there were at that time, and we are very grateful to sing a loud voice cried," Rawindraditya said.

"Then their second arrival times in Kuala Lumpur, we have two huge banners created, while Arsenal supporters on Malaysia freely one, so yes we are a step forward," he added.

Rawindraditya also mentioned that what they do in Kuala Lumpur managed to steal the attention of Club parties, even pictures and reports on the AISC was published on the official website of Arsenal at that time.

It is recognized by the Chief of staff of commercial arsenal, Tom Fox, who said that their supporters in Indonesia is one of the world's largest supporter base.

"When we have a visit to Kuala Lumpur, the Tribune is the AISC ternyaring and grab the attention," said Vos.

"Therefore, all the elements of a good club that players, coaches and staff felt we had to come to Indonesia and show appreciation for the loyalty of the supporters," he added.

In the meantime, Rawindraditya implies the expectation that his team a routine visit to Indonesia, not only this year alone. "Yes that is important to Indonesia again next year if possible, and for him again," said Rawindraditya.

Tour organisers Committee report: 2013, plans a team United Kingdom League champions in 2004 ago would undergo a city friendship with "Indonesia Dream Team" on 14 July 2013 in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

Arsenal is a great team with the achievement as a major league 13 times champion United Kingdom, 10-time FA Cup, the League Cup twice and once won the Cup Winners ' Cup (before it was renamed the UEFA Cup and Europa League).

Arsenal are currently ranked on six Major League standings while the United Kingdom with the acquisition of 37 points and just ensure a place in the fifth round of the FA Cup after defeating Brighton Hove Albion FC 3-2.

Arsenal will be faced with another historic team in the United Kingdom, Liverpool, on Friday (30/1) night local time. In addition, they will also magpies last 16 of the European Champions League against Bayern Munich on February 19, 2013. (ant)