Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

[News] Barcelona finally departed for Jordan

Medan-Indonesia national team finally went to Jordan to undergo a trial game on January 31, 2013. Whereas the day before Manibor had the game as team leader Meshach annulled.

Manibor Meshach-head coach in Medan on Tuesday (29/1), said that it was finally willing to meet international sending a request to transfer to Jordan after a meeting with the team trainer.

"The departure of the team finally returned to the starting position, we had to leave this afternoon heading for Jordan, that initially we had to cancel," he said.

However, on the basis of new information should be left as it is an important step that must be resolved. That is to say, it's not just a matter of persepakbolaan, a good relationship with Jordan is also a consideration.

Departure from the schedule of Medan to Jakarta Meshach Manibor, who presented Tuesday afternoon traveled. Of the capital, the team traveled to Kuala Lumpur and immediately flew to Amman, Jordan.

With the departure of today have an automatic-only time at least one day before the contest game tryout. Meshach believe motivation high will continue to face the national team game.

"Calculated on the basis of technical persepakbolaan, indeed very budget. We communicate in first instance as you can just to face Iraq in Dubai. The relationship with Jordan, however, must also be maintained. As a kid nation we also want the best result for Indonesia, "he said.

Coach of the national team Maizar Nile claimed that he doesn't think the departure of the national team who are on a budget that, because if a coach just thinking of how to restore the State of the players with a short period of time.

"After the departure of the player recovery, normally a window of a minimum of 72 hours. Coach Team spoke the preparation team, so the team went denggan preparations are not to such condition. However, hopefully the results can be optimally, "he said.

On the other hand, a trial match against Jordan be assessed the same character played by Iraq, would be a positive capital for the team "Garuda".

However, with a less good physical pascapenerbangan which takes a dozen hours, Maizar Nile claimed that it has not much of which will be held.

"We need to go through a phase before moving on to the next stage. Hopefully the result is maximum. But to be sure, deal with Iraq on 6 February, later the team had quite a lot of time for preparation, "he said. (ant)

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