Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

[News] Build A Tower must have insurance to citizens

Surabaya-Surabaya parliamentary elections in new Godard?, still powerful discusses the Raperda on the organisation of the telecommunications tower. Many items that were discussed, ranging from licensing and other requirements. Even new Godard? also started with memersoalkan dampat problem and what responses.

New Godard? Finally, even if in location or area of the completion of the Tower must have insurance for the surrounding community. This insurance should be made of the owner of the tower.

"So not only licensing is completed. If you want to organize the creation of the Tower, but no insurance for residents of the surrounding areas, could have permission it is not smooth. This is a mandatory clause of article met the owner of the Tower, "says a member of the new Godard? Raperda Tower, Mazlan Mansyur.

Still according to Mazlan was a loss of diakibatnya Tower not only material, but non-material. If the effect of radiasinya or tower collapsed. For more information, new Godard? will invite the experts and others to formulate the problem in detail and where.

In essence, the citizens have the right to coverage under an insurance policy is a citizen residing within a radius of 125 percent of the height of the tower.

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