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[News] The son of a fruit Called Ago, CEO ASDP Snitch to Dahlan

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Jakarta-President Director of PT Lake and river freight crossings (ASDP/Persero) Danang S Karimuddin report to the Minister of State-owned enterprises (buffet is rich) Dahlan Iskan some directors are called by Kejakasaan great related. The Board of Directors longs for the alleged criminal acts of bribery is a matter of buying three ships used by PT ASDP.

Dahlan said such acts of allegations of corruption, leveled by the party that not of PT ASDP on the leadership of the current Board of Directors. This hurt the party sent a letter to the Supreme Kejakasaan cans.

"Want to snitch on me, because the nephew was called to the public prosecutor's Office is disrupted, they feel all wrong," said Dahlan at the Ministry of State-owned enterprises, Jakarta, Thursday (29/1/2013).

Dahlan recognized itself gives a high target to PT ASDP, including control of pungli at the port of Merak. Therefore, there are some parties who feel aggrieved as a result of the policy.

"A lot of heartache in the ASDP because many ditertibkan, it used to be right a lot of petruk (truck Manager) are now a lot of those ditertibkan. The so-so it eradicated by Mr Danang, "he said.

According to Dahlan is purchase of 3 former ships led by PT ASDP in accordance with existing procedures. Therefore PT ASDP will help her in dealing with this problem.

"I'm by my friends who each backup is needed regarding the so-called ASDP Prosecutor," he said.

Meanwhile, said the President Director of Danang S Karimuddin the subpoena related to the purchase of goods by leasing mechanism so that the votes of all the criminal offences of corruption.

Danang argued that the leasing mechanism is approved by the general meeting of shareholders (GMS) where the majority shareholder is the Ministry of State-owned enterprises.

The result of the inspection, according to Danang, operational, even the performance of employees, directors and suppliers is derived with the investigation by the public prosecutor's Office.

"It's been 10 people including drivers that are listed. Director of human resources and the Director of the port is not mentioned, but the rest is called. For vendors, when it used to be in contact with suppliers easily, now called it becomes difficult even for profit to be added, "pungkasnya.

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